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Journey of the Cross

The Queens Cross - click for enlargementAvailable now, from the Abbey Gift Shop, is the booklet of the 'Journey of the Cross'. The purpose of the booklet is to help each person experience, as far as possible, the journey that Jesus made the day he was killed on the cross 2000 years ago.

The booklet follows the sequence of events recorded in the Gospels, and images using actors from Glastonbury, at different points around the ruins. The reader is invited to walk this 'Journey of the Cross' allowing them to share in the drama of that first Good Friday in a new way.

Numbered markers are now set into the ground in the Nave of the Abbey Church. On arrival at each marker the reader is invited to pause, - to still the mind, then ponder, - the picture, the accompanying words from the Bible, and all that they see around them, and then to pray, - using their own words and thoughts, as their own response to what has been done for them by the God who loves them.

This devotion can be offered by individuals, at any time, but it can also be a powerful focus of prayer and attention for a mini-pilgrimage by a church or house-group, or with prayer partners.

The booklets are available, and the stone markers are in position, and will remain as a permanent option, and challenge, to all visitors to the Abbey this Lent, and throughout years to come.

The Abbey Trustees hope that this 'Journey of the Cross' will open up new horizons for a great number of people.