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Abbey Badgers - further statement

We are really disappointed that people have been making comments on our Social Media sites and others suggesting the abbey does not operate within the law and do not think that we would work with experts when making changes to natural habitats.

We can assure you that not only do we operate within the law, we value the presence of the badgers and other creatures at the abbey and we are focusing much of our work on enhancing the wildlife areas and access to the wildlife for visitors. However, the care for all animals must always be balanced with our duty of care for visitors and the archaeology of this ancient monument.

We have consulted an expert from Country Contracts and we have an appropriate licence determined and issued by Natural England for the small environment changes which are planned.

The main setts in the grounds will not be disturbed and no badgers are being evicted from Glastonbury Abbey.

The many offensive – and sometimes untruthful - comments being made are distressing for staff, who are passionate about all the wildlife about the abbey and ensuring they receive safe care and we will not be responding to any further individual comments.

For avoidance of doubt our consultant said: “In my experience the abbey always take expert advice and operate totally within the law when dealing with badger issues. The grounds are visited by large numbers of people from across the world and the badgers do sometimes cause difficulties.”

Janet Bell



Added: 11th August 2017