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Wedding Photography

Piers and Nave in Autumn - click for enlargementThe Trustees do welcome and encourage couples to have their wedding photographs taken here, using the beautiful settings of the ruins and grounds, as a backdrop to photographs that, in years to come will be a glorious reminder of their most important day.

The Abbey has never had a tradition of allowing actual weddings or Christenings to take place within its walls, and this is because the Abbey was once a Benedictine Monastery, where such services never took place. The Trustees maintain this ruling to this day, and encourage couples to use other local establishments for their actual marriage ceremony.

There will be a one-off charge of £15 for a group of 10 to include bride, groom and photographer for use of the Abbey and grounds as a backdrop for photographs. Any further guests - numbers 11 to 100 - will be admitted at the discounted price of £2 per person. Guest number 101 and above will be admitted free. There are also a few simple rules, mentioned below, which are not too onerous.

Should you wish to have your photographs taken within the Abbey grounds, then please contact us, and we do ask please that you send us your address, in order to be able to forward our standard letter to you.


  1. The photographer, and those being photographed, must not disturb other visitors to the Abbey.
  2. The party must enter and exit through the Ticket Office - main entrance. We will always open the double doors to allow for any train, if desired.
  3. The photographs must be taken during normal Abbey opening times.
  4. Climbing onto the ruins to take photographs is not permitted.
  5. The appropriate charge must be paid in advance.