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Learning Outside the Classroom

There are many resources within the abbey grounds that can be a part of your visit.

Bug Hunts

Discover our smallest wildlife alongside our team of Wildlife Volunteers as they help you search for bugs and insects. Learn the difference between insects and bugs; also learn the name of what you have found. A good way to involve younger children in science and ecology.

Medieval Kitchen Garden

A different way of looking at Design and Technology. Learn about why the garden was designed in this way, and how designs differed in other places. You could also learn about eating seasonally and making do with what was available.

Follow this with a visit to the Abbot's Kitchen to compare kitchen technology today with that of a high status kitchen of the medieval period.

Herb Garden

Linked to the Medieval Kitchen Garden is the Herb Garden. Here you are able to learn about what herbs can used to accompany different foods; which of the herbs are medicinal whilst others would have been used in the household.

Learn how people tried to keep fleas from the bedchamber. How could they ease that cough that kept them awake?

Outside The Abbey Grounds

Glastonbury Tor

Some schools split their day by going on 'Pilgrimage' up Glastonbury Tor with half their group whilst the other half is in the abbey. Swap round for the afternoon and everyone is able to experience a 'Pilgrimage'. Whilst walking to and from the Tor, you will be able to see how the town was built around the abbey.

Add amazing views on a clear day and it all adds to an experiential day.

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