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'Awe inspiring' ... 'Atmospheric' ... 'Unmissable'

You will read these and many more comments in our visitors book - but for how much longer?

Glastonbury Abbey is an extraordinary tale of hope and survival against all the odds. In 1539 Glastonbury was one of the greatest abbeys in Europe, yet by 1541 Henry VIII had reduced it to a ruin and stolen its wealth and estates. Somehow the abbey has come through, saved and sustained by special people - those who have felt the magic of this place.

Glastonbury Abbey Trust - a Charity, not a business - has a long term plan for enhancement and conservation of this beautiful site, but rising costs threaten to finish what Henry started. It is no exaggeration to say that Glastonbury's fate is in your hands: visitor income and donations are the Trusts only source of income. Please take a moment to consider the abbey's future and see how you might help us secure that future for new generations to enjoy.

How You Can Help The Trust (and yourself)

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer you can help us, and yourself, by using Gift Aid for lump sum or regular donations. For every £1 you give, the taxman will add 28p at no cost to you.

Click here to download a Gift Aid Form.

Give As You Earn

An alternative for regular contributions is Payroll Giving. Donations are deducted at source, before tax is calculated, so for every £5 you agree to give, only £3.90 is actually taken.

Bequests and Shares

Other mutually beneficial ways to give include a bequest in your will, which can reduce any liability for Inheritance Tax, and share transfers - which are free of Capital Gains Tax when donated and allow you to claim income-tax relief on the value transferred.

Glastonbury Abbey is also part of Remember A Charity - charities working together for a better future - click here to visit their web site and for more information.

Event Giving

Weddings and anniversaries are an opportunity to be generous on behalf of people you care for and give them the pleasure of knowing how much their big day has raised for a valuable cause.

Glastonbury Abbey has a tragic past. Please help us give it a secure future.