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Medieval Garden

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A medieval kitchen garden in the style once seen hundreds of years ago at Glastonbury Abbey is to be recreated.

Centuries ago the abbey would have grown its own produce for use within the Abbot's Kitchen which catered for the abbot and his high-status guests such as the Royal family of the time as well as to feed the monks and employees.

The garden will be created from an area which is currently overgrown and will be next to the current herb garden on the edge of the orchard.

People are wanted to help with the initiative which aims to create a garden similar to that which existed at the abbey. Details of courses can be seen below.

The project has secured funding from Somerset Skills and Learning with the following courses available for individuals.

Somerset Skills and Learning

Please check back to watch the development of the Medieval Garden.


A Celebration

A Celebration

Hello and welcome back to the Medieval Kitchen Garden Blog. The garden is really starting to take shape as the beautiful plants and seeds so lovingly planted become firmly established. A enticing array of foliage, vivid colours and edible goodies greet you as our fantastic Kitchen Garden has been officially opened for visitors to explore!  more

Added: 15th July 2017

Planting in the Garden

Planting in the Garden

Hello again and welcome back to the Medieval Kitchen Garden Blog. We have been busy utilising the sunshine breaks between showers by planting our magnificent raised beds!  more

Added: 12th June 2017

Building Bird Boxes at the abbey

Building Bird Boxes at the abbey

Welcome back to the Medieval Kitchen Garden Blog! Summer is rapidly on the approach (in between showers!) and we have been giving some thought to our feathered friends by building some amazing nest boxes for them to use this autumn.  more

Added: 21st May 2017


To register interest in the courses call Marcelle Bacchus, the abbey's project manager, on 01458 832267. Courses are free for adults 19+ with a £10 refundable deposit.

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