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What Has Been Done

Lady Chapel, Crypt & Galilee

A conservation and enhancement project has taken place for this part of the Abbey.

Immediate conservation work was required for the Galilee. Its carved stonework was extremely fragile and is crumbling away. The two harsh winters prior to 2012 caused stone to fall from the walls.

The Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey dates to c1184 and has been described as 'a seminal monument in the history of English Gothic architecture and sculpture'. It has remnants of extremely rare painted decoration of the period and the building is an exquisite and outstanding example of its time.

Stonework in its upper levels needed securing, capping on the tops of the walls needed to be replaced to protect them and the corner turrets had to be conserved.

The Crypt beneath, known as St Joseph's Chapel, is sited beneath the most sacred part of the Great Abbey Church. Its presentation needed to be improved to be more meaningful and attractive.

The Abbot's Kitchen

The Abbot's Kitchen is an iconic building and a very rare survival in Europe of a medieval monastic kitchen. It was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Its scale and grandeur reflect the abbey's wealth and importance at the time. The abbots of Glastonbury would have played host to many high ranking and wealthy visitors including royalty and nobility, who stayed as guests in the abbot's hall. Their meals were prepared in this kitchen away from the main monastic enclosure.

Modern concrete pointing, which is damaging the medieval stonework has been removed. The lantern on top of the stone roof, which is suffering surface decay, has been repaired.

The conservation work and improvements to ventilation and lighting now allow a wider range of activities so that our visitors can enjoy the kitchen all year round.

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