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Medieval Carpentry Demonstrations
Event Information

Tuesday 23rd July - Thursday 29th August 2019

When: 1pm   
Where: Main Abbey

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 28th August

Thursday 29th August

Jeff Loader has been working with wood for 40 years and has done extensive research to discover more about the comparatively little which has been written, printed or even drawn about
medieval carpenters and their craft.
Few examples of medieval carpentry tools have survived, so Jeff had the difficult task of constructing and adapting a basic medieval carpentry tool kit, which would have been used to construct items ranging from a humble stool to a complex medieval timber-framed roof.
If you are interested in this traditional craft, come along to one of Jeff’s practical demonstrations, taking place in the abbey grounds on a number of dates in July and August between 1pm and 4pm on each date.
Standard abbey admission will apply and each demonstration will feature a key element in medieval carpentry, using a variety of authentic reproduction tools of the trade.

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