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4. Joseph of Arimathea

By Harry Brockway

Portland Stone

Harry studied sculpture at Kingston School of Art and the Royal Academy, London. He trained as a stone mason at Weymouth College and worked at Wells Cathedral. He also practises as a wood engraver and has illustrated many books. This sculpture was inspired by the abbey’s legendary connection with St Joseph of Arimathea.

In their own words ...

This work was inspired by the abbey’s connection with St Joseph of Arimathea and the legend of the Holy Thorn. According to the legend, Joseph visited Glastonbury with the Holy Grail and thrust his staff into the ground on Wearyall Hill. It then grew into the original Holy Thorn, which flowers twice a year, including at Christmas.

I have lived in Glastonbury for over 25 years. I came to the area to work as a stone mason at Wells Cathedral. I have been a self-employed artist and craftsmen ever since. I work mainly in stone and as a wood engraver. I have illustrated a number of books including several classics by the Folio Society. I trained as a stone mason at Weymouth college after studying sculpture at Kingston Polytechnic and The Royal Academy.

Harry Brockway


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