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Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza 2020 terms and conditions

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Event Terms and Conditions
Both sections of the ticket are required for entry.
The Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission in any circumstances and evict any person breaching the terms and conditions of entry, committing a criminal offence or behaving in a disorderly or anti-social way that causes a public nuisance or adverse effect on public safety.
The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions may be subject to change at any time without notice.
We regret that tickets are non-refundable, and lost, destroyed or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. For safety and environmental reasons glass items with the exception with the bottles are not allowed on site.
Medical treatment is provided by Festival Medical Services (FMS) who are a separate legal entity. Any claims resulting from medical treatment on-site should be directed to FMS. The Organisers accepts no liability for any injury, claim or damages resulting from any medical treatment at the event.
No animals are allowed on site with the exception of registered guide dogs. Challenge 21 will apply.
A Park & Ride scheme will be available to and from Clarks Village, by their kind permission.
As a condition of sale the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded in any medium as part of the audience and/or by any CCTV cameras and recordings made by or on behalf of the organisers.
Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media, sales promotion, staff reward programme or general competition use whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the the organisers. The marks Glastonbury and Glastonbury Festival and the Glastonbury Festival logo are registered United Kingdom and European community trademarks and may not be used without the express written permission of Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd.
Admission is at Ticket Holder's own risk and all persons who enter are responsible for their own safety. The organisers will not be held liable for any loss, injuries, damages or theft to the ticket holder, their property or motor vehicles if the cause is due to negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons, third parties or force majeure.
Fireworks, Chinese/flying lanterns, drones, flares and the burning of plastics are not permitted. Please see the contraband list for details of other prohibited items.

Voucher Terms and Conditions
Vouchers for tickets for the Extravaganza on August 1 2020 will be sold online and from the abbey shop from 19 November 2019. Single and multiple vouchers are available and may be exchanged for the appropriate adult or child ticket as indicated on the voucher(s).
E-vouchers must be redeemed online using the unique code. Vouchers bought in the shop must be redeemed at the abbey shop or by post to Glastonbury Abbey Shop, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EL once tickets are on sale but by July 1 2019 at the latest.
The voucher(s) will not allow admission and cannot be exchanged for cash

The following list of property is deemed to be ‘Contraband Goods’:-
1. Excessive amounts of cigarettes (any amount over personal use for the duration of the event)
2. Excessive amounts of alcohol (any amount over personal use for the duration of the event)
3. Excessive amounts of soft drinks (anything over personal use for the duration of the event)
4. Glass containers / bottles (likely to cause harm to livestock)
5. Sound systems (without written approval)
6. Knives (without written approval)
7. Weapons and potential weapons; anything adapted for such a purpose
8. Unauthorised or counterfeit merchandise; with or without the Glastonbury Extravaganza logo
9. Body piercing equipment
10. Flares; such as emergency or distress flares manufactured for legitimate military, maritime or transport purposes (under any circumstances)
11. Smoke Bombs
12. Fireworks, including sparklers (without written approval)
13. Generators (without written approval)
14. Lasers / Laser Pens
15. Plastic or polystyrene disposable plates, trays, cups, mugs or plastic cutlery
16. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s); commonly known as ‘Drones’ or ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft’
17. Chinese / Sky Lanterns
18. Kites
19. Professional tape recorders, film and video equipment (without written approval)
20. Forged tickets and wristbands or an access pass of any description
21. All substances defined as a ‘Psychoactive Substance’ under the new Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. These substances will be those substances previously referred to as ‘Legal Highs’ and will include herbal materials, powders, tablets, crystalline substances, gas or liquids and may be packaged and marked as ‘smoking materials’, ‘research chemicals’, ‘room deodorisers’, ‘herbal incense’ and ‘cream chargers’, some may even state the product is not for ‘human consumption’
22. Nitrous Oxide in any form (without written approval)
23. Alkyl Nitrates (otherwise known as Poppers)
24. Any object that GFEL considers to be potentially harmful to public safety, being a single item or a potential component part for another object.
· The following list of property is deemed to be Prohibited Articles. A) Illegal drugs B) Offensive Weapons or potential offensive weapons C) Powered vehicles; motorbikes, quad bikes and buggies (without written approval) D) All animals (except registered Guide Dogs, Police Horses and Police Dogs.

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